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Our financial strategies are formulated on Equity, formed on Adjusted Income, Return of Invested Capital (ROIC), Return of Equity (ROE) and Earnings per Share (EPS). These four components will experience growth from 2022 to 2025 because we believe that the actual figures will become closer to the forecasted numbers in the future.

Strategies that orient toward innovative profitable streams are moved into the Sub-Core category. They work hand in hand with the other two categories. We have positioned strategies that are connected to low margin income into the PERI category. Such strategies give Endona the flexibility of selection during planning and execution.


Between 2017 to 2021, the yields and imports were able to satisfy the demand because there was reliance on the imports. For sake of food security, we must minimize, if not eliminate the imports. We must grab the opportunity to increase the yields, and decrease the imports, Fortunately, Endona is well-positioned to support this national cause.

Food security will remain important given the continuous population growth. Unfortunately, crop production couldn’t follow it, caused price hikes that are straining the people’s livelihood and the national economy. We are taking advantage of our decades of experience to work with all parties to address this problem together.


Fertilizer will persist in demand in the agriculture industry. As fertilizers, they promote plant growth and sustain the farmers’ needs with respect to their plantation area in hectare. The numbers below showcase that Endona’s fertilizers bolstered the farmers’ demands and yields by drawing on our fertilization technology to lift up the yields.

With our extensive experience, we have the expertise to suggest alternate fertilizers. To manage the fertilizer prices for the principal entity, we are utilizing contract management services to stabilize the prices for the next few years, together with agriculture processing and intelligence technology as an integrated solution.


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  • We have expanded the output of Bio fertilizers in 2021 as compared to 2020. These fertilizers are often made from living organisms such algae, fungi and bacteria to improve soil fertility.

    Foliar fertilizers supplement the nutrients by applying to the leaves of plants directly that helps in upgrades crop quality by corrects nutrient, vitamin deficiencies and advances overall plant health. 

    Organic fertilizers are forged from natural materials, the usage growth is minimal when the supply is calibrated between 2010 and 2011. They are also known as a good conductor to elevate soil structure. 

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