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MPC is a statutory body for organizational productivity and competitiveness. Endona successfully received the acclaimed “Productivity and Innovation (P&I) Associate Membership”, with membership number 2014-03338 from MPC in August 2014.


The SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement (SCORE) diagnostic tool was developed by SME Corp to rate and enhance competitiveness of SMEs based on their performance capabilities. Endona was rated 4 stars for SCORE in March 2014.



Endona has successfully registered company own trademark with MyIPO (Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia) which administers, enforces legislation and oversees several protective acts for all components of intellectual property.

ISO 9001 : 2015

Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance for Quality Management System (Management of Agricultural Services) has awarded Endona with ISO 9001:2015 which indicates Endona’s ability to satisfy customer requirements consistently.



Endona holds the exclusive permit from Thailand authorities to import goods based on the agriculture sector by land along the border of Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah which permitting the export of freshwater fish fry from the fishery sector in Malaysia to Thailand.


We possess the Trade Business License (SIUP) from the Indonesian authoritative government, granting us permission permit to conduct business activity of goods, services transactions continuously that accompanied by rewards in Indonesia.


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  • We have expanded the output of Bio fertilizers in 2021 as compared to 2020. These fertilizers are often made from living organisms such algae, fungi and bacteria to improve soil fertility.

    Foliar fertilizers supplement the nutrients by applying to the leaves of plants directly that helps in upgrades crop quality by corrects nutrient, vitamin deficiencies and advances overall plant health. 

    Organic fertilizers are forged from natural materials, the usage growth is minimal when the supply is calibrated between 2010 and 2011. They are also known as a good conductor to elevate soil structure. 

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